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Liquid Rainbow offers an unparalleled quality of service and professionalism, ensuring that you have one less thing to worry about on the day of your event.


Our Services


No matter how large or small your wedding or party, Liquid Rainbow will see to it that the refreshments flow without a problem. From small venues, halls and private residences to outdoor venues, upscale winefarms or rustic beach ceremonies, Liquid Rainbow can cater for any venue requirements.


The Liquid Rainbow Process

Liquid Rainbow strives for excellent service throughout every part of our process. We will work with each of our clients to make sure they are satisfied with, and are aware of, each step of our process- from quotation, to arrival at the event, through to breaking down and packing up.

During quotation we will produce a customised cost estimate based on your requirements, so you know how much you will pay for our services.


Once you are satisfied with the quotation, we will finalise all the logistical details with you and schedule your event into our calendar.


Our staff will arrive at your venue in advance and set up without interference to the rest of your event preparations, regardless of any unforeseen issues.


After the event our staff will dismantle all equipment with speed and efficiency, leaving your venue looking the same as when we found it.


Area of Operations

To keep the quality of out customer service at absolute maximum we have limited our area of operations to within Cape Town and the immediate surrounding municipalities, as demarcated on the map below. If you are unsure as to if your venue falls within our area of operations, please feel free to call or email as exceptions can be made.

Frequently asked questions

If I need to cancel my booking, how much notice must I give you before I lose my deposit?

Two weeks (14 days) minimum for a full refund, one week (7 days) minimum for a 50% refund. If less than a weeks notice is given, the deposit will be void.

How do I pay for your services (deposit x days before event, final payment after event, eft, cash or cheque)?

There will be an initial 50% deposit and booking fee that is required at least three weeks before the event date in the case that a liquor licence is needed. Should your venue already have a Liquor Licence we will need 2 weeks prior to the event.

Are breakages covered by Liquid Rainbow?

Liquid Rainbow are in no way liable or responsible for any losses or damages, including consequential damages that may occur during the event.

What time are you able to serve drinks until?

Soft drinks can be sold throughout the duration of the event, tailored to the specific event schedule. By law, alcohol may only be sold from 10am until 2am. No alcohol sales are permitted from 2am until 10am.

Do you arrange liquor licenses or is that my responsibility?

Event organizers carry the responsibility of applying for the liquor licence, but we are more than happy to advise and assist when needed.

If my party runs over schedule, will I be expected to pay overtime?

Special arrangements can be made, as long as the staff are paid sufficiently for their time.

Can you supply your own electricity?

Electricity to be supplied by customer unless specified otherwise during the quotation process.

Do you offer branded bars?

We don't supply bar counters, as we work with sponsors, but we can hire in infrastructure and get it in and branded at an additional cost if necessary.

How do you work out how big or how many bars I will need for my event?

This is usually decided and directed by the event organizer, but we have plenty of experience to advise as to what would work best for your event.

How do you work out how many bar tenders to send with a bar I have ordered?

Generally one bar tender per meter of bar works best.

Are all of your staff experience bar staff?

Yes, we have a large, diverse and fully experienced team we work with on all of our events.

Can I supply my own alcohol?

Yes, however there is a service fee involved to cover our expenses for our staff and equipment.

Who provides the appropriate glasses?

We can hire any specific glasses needed, and we are stocked and able to supply plastic cups too.

How do my guests pay for their drinks

We offer two different types of payment options, either cash or credit card.

Do you offer alcohol free bar services?

Yes, so long as it is worth our time and efforts.

How long does it take to setup and breakdown a bar?

Generally it takes an hour and a half to two for both break-down and setup. This depends on many factors, such as the venue layout and constrictions, the scale of the event and the amount of bars required etc.

How much notice do I need to give you to secure your services?

Four weeks is best but more may be required if the event is dependent on a liquor licence application.


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